Claudine Linder

Ideenreich. Dienstleistungsorientiert. Feinschmeckerin.

Tourism & Commercial Expert

After completing a commercial apprenticeship and spending several years in the administration department of an advertising agency and as an import/export clerk for green coffee, Claudine Linder switched to the catering trade. In October 2010, she fulfilled her dream of having her own café. After coming up with the idea, she and a friend ran ‘Café fariboles’ in Bern’s old town for four years. Most recently, she worked at the Löscher restaurant in Bern, which has since grown from a pop-up project to an established restaurant. While working, she studied part time at the Advanced Vocational School for Tourism (HFT) in Lucerne, where she successfully completed her management training.

Through her activities and her training, Claudine brings a wealth of experience to the areas of event management, services and project management. As a member of the back office, she supports the entire team in the areas of project administration, marketing and IT.