Francesca Rickli

Humorous. Conceptual thinker. Efficient.

Dr. phil in Social Anthropology
Projects and Consulting

Francesca Rickli studied Social Anthrpology and English at the University of Zurich and finished with a doctorate on the subject of disability in old age. She has proven experience in qualitative and socio-political research and in-depth knowledge in the core areas of ageing, disability and social policy. She has worked as an assistant at the Ethnographic Museum in Zurich and at the Institute of Social Anthropology and Empirical Cultural Studies (ISEK). She has also taught at the University of Zurich and the Bern University of Applied Sciences with a special focus on disability and equality. Through a long-term, practice-oriented international research project on disability and technology, she acquired skills for solving interdisciplinary problems.

In her research and working for the federal administration, she gained experience in project management, and through many years of voluntary work in a youth organisation, she learned to take on management responsibility early on in her career. As an anthropologist, she is particularly focused on analysing the different perspectives of members of society, politics and administration and including them in change processes.