Ricarda Ettlin

Multilingual. Connecting the dots. Warm.

MSc in Psychology
Projects and Consulting

Ricarda Ettlin studied Social and Occupational Psychology at the University of Lausanne and subsequently worked as a research assistant in these fields. Through her many years of professional and voluntary work for non-profit organizations (on issues of gender equality and fair trade as well as in international sports and holiday camps) she became familiar with the social and voluntary sector over time. Moreover, she is also a trained body therapist and worked for five years as a self-employed professional in this field. Through her professional activities, she could deepen her knowledge of the Swiss healthcare and social sector, and worked on a variety of topics in the fields of health promotion, aging, migration, diversity management, community services as well as health sector digitalization. She leads organizational change processes in the public and non-profit sector, carries out impact and accompanying evaluations, and works toward creating bridges between different languages and working cultures. Ricarda Ettlin is trilingual in French, German, and English. She has lived in Lausanne since 1996 and grew up in Basel and Tokyo.