Simon Meier

Level-headed. Focused. Persistent.

Dr. phil. in Education and lic.phil. in Sociology
Projects and Consulting

Simon Meier earned his doctorate in education from the University of Zurich and has proven experience in researching social and practical issues. Moreover, he has worked as social pedagogue in private organisations for many years as well as in municipal, cantonal and public administrations. Thanks to his professional development, he possesses cross-system and practical experience in the following areas: political processes for requirement analysis and capacity planning, agreement for and financing of social services, social impact measurement/reporting, advising and assisting people of different ages who require support, quality assurance, teaching, and complex research and evaluation processes. Simon Meier offers methodically sound strategic, organisational and action-orientated knowledge as well as extensive expertise in solving interdisciplinary problems. He has a broad background in the fields of inclusion, social participation, impact orientation, supply and quality development.