Ursula Fringer Schai

Health expert. Personal. Pragmatic.

Lic.rer.pol. and Registered Nurse, Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education
Projects and Consulting // Partner socialdesign ltd

As an economist and business analyst, Ursula Fringer Schai has many years of professional experience in the private sector, in the public sector and in consulting companies. Thanks to her experience as a registered nurse and as a CEO in private and public hospitals she knows the healthcare sector from scratch. She has initiated a large number of organisational, staffing, financing and infrastructure projects and successfully put them into practice. She acquired her specialist and methodological knowledge as a senior consultant at an international consulting firm, as an independent entrepreneur and through ongoing training and development. As the chair of two national associations as well as director and a member of foundation boards, she understands both the strategic and operational issues of non-profit and profit organisations from personal experience.