Company Profile


Company Profile

socialdesign was founded in 2006 and is an owner-run consulting firm based in Switzerland. We operate both domestically and internationally, and are your partner for individual, organisational and society-related matters, providing you with tailor-made services designed to address issues in these areas.

Broad and In-depth Know-how

Our clients are private sector companies, as well as organisations and individuals from the fields of politics, administration and non-profit. Our professional consultants offer extensive know-how in business administration, management, research methods, health care, education and social services; the foundation for sophisticated, practical and sustainable solutions. We develop strategies, conduct assessments with regard to strategy and organisation, we supervise and support our clients during implementation phases, we evaluate services and their effectiveness, provide advanced training, network and educate.

Based on Our Own Experience

The socialdesign team is made up of competent, multilingual consultants with a very high level of education and extensive practical experience. They are well acquainted with the various subject matters thanks to their own managerial, research, work, as well as teaching experience, and are up-to-date on the newest trends.