How We Work

Made-to-measure Methods

We work using a variety of methods, tailored in each case to the specific issues at hand and the available resources.

Our tools and methods are taken from different specialist fields, in particular from: systemic-oriented organisational, group and individual consulting; business administration; community work; conflict management; agogics and didactics; social psychology and cultural anthropology.


Our strength lies in working with current and in-depth knowledge inspired from both theory and practical experience.. We take an interdisciplinary approach and put great emphasis on uniting both tried-and-tested experiences as well as recent research findings, while factoring-in current trends and developments.

Quality Guaranteed

We use scientific quantitative and qualitative methods for assembling data and conducting our analyses. We work with the most up-to-date technology, using special software if required, and can therefore provide an optimal overview and clear understanding of the solution that was developed. We adhere to the standards set by the Swiss Evaluation Society SEVAL.

Our Reports

In our reports we process findings in a practice-oriented manner, providing you with knowledge and insights that you will be able to apply in your work, and facilitating planning for the next steps to be taken (projects, instruments and measures).